Copyright Issues

Some materials used in my archive are what I believe to be of public domain. Many are texts and videos that circulate freely on the net without an acknowledged author. For the few texts and videos that are quoted from copyrighted materials, I use Fair Use provisions of the Copyright Law to use tiny portions of copyrighted works with proper acknowledgement of the original author, wherever it is known.

Every effort is made to identify the original author and attribute appropriately. When this is not possible, "Author Unknown" is noted or no author is shown. I do not claim any copyright for the stories, poems, videos or any other written works in this archive except for the works I have written myself.

If you find something here that is misquoted or attributed to the wrong author, or if you are an author or interested party of any of the written works displayed on this site and wish for it to be attributed appropriately or removed, please notify me in a comment and it will be taken care of promptly.

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