Driving To Your Goals

Every time you get in your car to go anywhere, you are working on achieving a goal. There is somewhere you want to be, so you take action to get there. The three major things that get you where you want to go when driving are a specific destination, directions for getting there, and a way to track your progress. You must also have these three things to achieve any goal.


"AGING IMAGINATIONS" is a gripping story of a man, whose loss of his wife brings him to a stand point in life. Unable to cope, or to tell his young daughter about her mom's death the man refuses to go to the wake. However, an unlikely friend shows him a different path in experiencing whats known to be true and certain in his life, by diving into his own imagination. Through these "sessions" of experiencing a different world, entirely created and lived by the man himself, he finds one of life's most powerful messages.

This video is on the slow side but it does have a powerful message at the end.

This is a different kind of inspiration to a person who is grieving or who has lost a loved one.

The ending is a little shocking for those who do understand what has happened.

This video was created by kirkwmurray and was upload on YouTube on Nov 22, 2006.