The Adventures of Hercules

I have more fun watching this and the first one '83 than any super duper 3d bullshit nowadays. (Excused the french)!

This Hercules is sexy.

He punched a laser so hard, it went twice around the world and died.

Hercules searches for the Seven Thunderbolts of Zeus, which have been stolen by renegade gods.

Lala Allison
Lala Allison

3 Positive Steps To Discover The Purpose Of Life

In this post we will discuss the concept of life and its underlying principle. We will be going through a step by step procedure, exploring your feelings and options, and by the end of this article, you should have a fairly solid tool you could immediately employ in your life, to give it a meaningful direction.

There are three steps to the process of discovering the purpose of your life:
Understanding the principle of choice
Creating your underlying principle
Aligning your life with the underlying principle
Understanding the principle of choice

Beautiful Photos By Angel Sharum Photography

In this video there are some beautiful photos by Angel Sharum Photography.

These are photos that Angle Sharum took at .

Right now we are cleaning up from the Jonas Blizzard of 2016 and these photos make me wished that I was at Gibbs Garden right now.

Take a moment and look and enjoy the bliss for yourself.