How To Build Confidence with Strategies that Really Work

Wouldn’t it be grand if we could just wake up in the morning, brush our teeth and put on our confidence for the day?

Well, for those of us who don’t have a drawer full, here are 4 simple strategies that will help you build confidence.

1. Accentuate the positive.
Be your own best friend. What do you tell a friend who’s tried something new, whether or not it turned out well? At least you tried something new- good for you!

How To Be Successful - Are You Successful?

Are you successful? What does that word mean to you? Unlimited wealth, “toys” as far as the eye can see, or family gatherings at your cottage on the lake?

Success is a state of mind, and I would like to help you Succeed! Below are some dynamic belief steps to follow.

Centering Defined - What, How and Why?

What is center? How do you choose to be centered, and why? In what ways can you develop a strong center?

As a student and instructor of the Japanese martial art Aikido, and as a professional speaker and trainer, I often present on this topic and, in addition, have made centering a life practice. I say practice, because that is what it takes to access the Center State on purpose.

Are You Inspired In Your Work?

Why do we all work? If it is for money, then does it mean that those who earn enough to last a life time or those who inherit, should do no work? Try to find out around with your friends about why they work and surely few of them will answer - for money. If someone who has enough money decides to do no work, will it make that person happy and contented?

We derive satisfaction in life by doing things that we feel are worth while. If we are sure that we have done good work, we feel peace in the heart. It gives us the approval of our ability. Let us find out if we are inspired in and with our work.

How To Be Happy And Give Us A Smile

I often wonder why people seem reluctant to smile these days. It costs nothing to smile so come on people lets start looking a bit happier. This post is all about this and about having a more positive outlook on life which will bring positive results.

Do Not Trifle With Me

I like this so much that I had to share it with you.

I think this sums it up for most of us.