Get Rich Quick!

How often do we receive this message each day in our email or blasted to us over the airwaves? Too many to count and so much so that we become numb to the message.

Here is exactly how to get rich quick. Count your blessings. What? You have no blessings? Oops! Think again! Everyone can find some blessings if they but look more closely.

Women Are Unique And Powerful Beings

A decade ago, my pursuit of the quest to make a difference, to be involved, to inspire ended up taking a back seat. Survival in the moment and dealing with family and health issues took the front seat. Now, most of that is behind me and to a large degree it has been women who have made the difference in my growth and healing; unique powerful, loving, nurturing women.

This post serves as a reminder, an acknowledgement, a song of praise, if you will, for women. It's important you realize just how powerful and wonderful you are as a woman, as a female, as someone who has a unique blueprint different from the male of our species. Your gift is priceless when used well with integrity and you conduct yourself from this seat of female power. It's not the media's and popular culture's representation of female wiles, cunning, and manipulation. No, it's the power of the nurturer and spiritual values.

12 Mother's Day Quotes That Will Make You Cry

Mom. Mommy. Mama. Mother. Mum. Mammy. Madre. So many words to describe the role, but so few that can adequately explain the wonder of motherhood and just how much it means. It's such a unique, unfathomable experience, it can be difficult to capture in words.

But thankfully some have done so beautifully and poignantly. As Mother's Day approaches, they provide inspiration for us to express to our own mothers how we feel about them and reflection for our own roles as mothers. Here are 12 of my favorite quotes about motherhood that are sure make you at least a little weepy ... in no particular order: